Frequently Asked Questions
A Selection of questions that are frequently asked.

How long does it take to make a quilt ?
The time varies enormously depending on the size and complexity of design, from 4 days for a crib quilt to 6 weeks for a king size quilt.

If you commission a quilt the delivery time could also depend on your place in the queue of work.

What fabrics are used to make your quilts ?
We use the best quality cotton for our quilts – both the quilt top and the backing. Some quilts in the Tartan Range use either 100% pure new wool, polyester/wool or polyester/viscose. Harris Tweed is used for some quilts in the Hebridean Range.

Can I have the quilt made to match the colours in my home ?
Yes, you have the final say on the fabric choices for your quilt. You may send us some samples of the colours to match and we can send you fabric samples to make sure the colours are just right.

How do I choose a pattern for a traditional quilt ?
If you have the name of the pattern or a picture of it we can usually meet your requirements. Or, if you know the style you would like we can usually find a pattern for you. Alternatively, you could visit your public library and look for a traditional pattern in patchwork books or magazines.

Can I wash my quilt ?
Cotton quilts may be washed in cold or lukewarm water. Hand washing is the preferred method, but if you decide to machine wash , use a gentle detergent and the shortest, delicate cycle in a large capacity machine.

Drying outdoors is best. Lay it flat on clean sheets, avoid direct sunlight and cover with a clean sheet to protect it. If tumble drying is necessary, dry on a cool to warm setting. Do not fold the quilt whilst warm.

Woollen quilts must be dry cleaned.

A label with care advice will be attached to your quilt.

How should I store my quilt when not in use ?
The best way of storing any quilt is flat on a bed. Quilts can be stored folded, but in this case rolls of acid-free tissue paper should be inserted into the folds to prevent creases forming. Store in a cotton pillowcase or sheet.

How much do you charge for your quilts ?
Each quilt is individually priced depending on fabrics used, complexity of the design and exact size. Our standard sizes and pricing guidelines can be viewed on the 'Commission a Quilt' page.
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