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Callicvol QuiltsCallicvol Quilts is located in a purpose-built studio in Port of Ness, Isle of Lewis. 'Callicvol' is the alternative name for this crofting/fishing township of Port of Ness. First recorded in the 1820s as 'Cealagvol', no one seems certain as to where the word came from, though it is possibly of Scandinavian origin.

The studio is located on croft No.10, near to the local post office. It takes full advantage of the natural light, and the views from its windows are a constant delight and inspiration – even in the winter storms!

You may be surprised to find a quilt studio at the northern tip of the Island of Lewis – but what better location could there be? We can look out on the ever-changing colours throughout the seasons and re-create the Hebridean scene in terms of lights and shades, patterns, shapes and moods. The variety of interest around us, ranging from wild geese on the croft and gannets diving in the bay to prehistoric structures in the moors, asks to be interpreted in quilt designs. Here in the island, with our panoramic views of the heavens, the sky is not the limit!

Quiltmaker Janet Robson has been enthralled by fabric, pattern and colour since her early childhood years. This fascination led on to a keen interest in home decoration and soft furnishings, which then developed into a passion for patchwork and quilting that began more than three decades ago.

Our quilts are made using a wide variety of techniques – traditional block patterns, adaptations of these, appliqué, a combination of them. Whether your taste is original, traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, we can work with you to find the right design and colours to suit your needs.
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