Quilt in the Making
Shen's Boat


Date: 26 July 2014

A double-fold binding is sewn to the front of the quilt by machine ready for turning to the back for hand stitching.

Date: 24 July 2014

All quilting is now completed  so it is time to trim the edges to the desired size.

Date: 22 July 2014

In the ditch quilting has been completed on the narrow borders and round  each of the label pictures. There are two paralell lines of quilting in the wide border.

Date: 19 July 2014

Sea is free-motion quilted in varying shades of thread to add movement.

Date: 17 July 2014

The sky is quilted first - clouds outlined using free-motion quilting.

Date: 16 July 2014

Backing, wadding and quilt top are layered and pinned ready for quilting.

Date: 15 July 2014

The quilt top is now completed. It is ready for trimming and pressing.

Date: 14 July 2014

Top border is added.

Date: 12 July 2014

Bottom border is added.

Date: 11 July 2014

A border of  colourful fish on a blue background is added both at the top and bottom of the central panel to make up the required length. Side borders are then added.

Date: 10 July 2014

The wide border of blue planking pattern fabric of 6 inches is added.

Date: 09 July 2014

Narrow borders of natural coloured planking pattern fabric are added either side of a seaside label strip.

Date: 07 July 2014

Shen's boat is appliqued onto the sea , using fusible webbing and then all edges  are stitched in a small blanket stitch.

Date: 05 July 2014

Sea and sky is joined as the central panel of the quilt.

Date: 03 July 2014

This quilt is a sea and shore theme - fabrics are selected  and washed before starting.

Date: 02 July 2014

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