Quilt in the Making
Love Harris Tweed

Quilt is now completed, showcasing a lovely mix of vibrant and joyful Harris Tweed.

Date: 13 March 2013

Quilting completed  the borders are trimmed and a double-fold binding in a toning cotton fabric is stitched to the front of the quilt, with mitred corners. It is now ready for the binding to be turned to the back and hand stitched into place.

Date: 09 March 2013

Quilting in the ditch between all the squares. I prefer to quilt the vertical rows before the horizontal.

Date: 04 March 2013

After sewing the rows, these were then joined to include the embroidered cotton panel to form the patchwork quilt top. A tweed  border was added.  The quilt is now layered -  cotton backing , polyester wadding and Harris Tweed patchwork top. The layers are pinned together using curved quilting safety pins. Now ready for quilting.

Date: 01 March 2013

Squares are stitched together to form the rows.

Date: 27 February 2013

Squares are laid out randomly but with consideration of colour balance across the quilt. Once satisfied with the layout the squares are pinned in vertical rows ready for stitching.

Date: 26 February 2013

Meanwhile , here is a sample of the embroidered panel with a verse and wedding rings.

Date: 22 February 2013

Squares are cut at 6½ inches to allow for  ½ inch seam allowance, this being advisable when sewing Harris Tweed.  I always cut  a few more than the number required to allow flexibility when laying out the squares for the quilt top. The quilt is going to have nine squares across and nine down, but there is to be an embroidered  cotton square the equivalent of 4 tweed squares.

Date: 20 February 2013

A selection of vibrant  colours in Harris Tweed have been chosen for this throw. The choice of plain twill tweeds has been determined by the lovely colours in the check tweed.

Date: 19 February 2013

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