Bethany's Quilt
Children's Quilts

A pretty cot quilt in lilacs, mauves and soft pinks. The central panel of 70 x 3in / 8cm squares  has 7 across and 10 down.  Wide borders  of 9in / 23cm surround this with 9 patch blocks in each corner. The design is enhanced by the addition of appliquéd hearts and flowers in deep lilacs, hot pinks, yellows and lime greens.

The edge is finished with   ¼ in / 0.5cm binding in toning lilac. It is quilted with  a large stipple overall and the hearts and  flowers are defined by outline quilting.

Quilt top: 100% cotton
Wadding: 80% cotton/20% polyester
Backing: 100% cotton
Quilt size: Cot  - 39 x 48 in / 100 x 120cm